accounting for
startup agencies

Build the agency you dream of with confidence and control

It’s a shift to go from being the business to overseeing the business

You’ve left the freelance world behind. Wearing every hat in your business is no longer a sustainable plan. You know you need resources to grow your agency and make the shift from working in the business to working on the business.

Common focus points for startup agencies

  • Stepping it up a level - taking on employees, growing profits, improving operations.

  • Removing yourself from the daily ops, so you’re not the bottleneck to growth.

  • Generating predictable cash, so you’re not worrying about worst case scenarios.

  • Understanding the numbers, so you can make informed decisions.

Way to grow with alchemy accountants

There’s a measured way to grow

For a startup agency, it’s all about predictability. We make sure our clients know the position of their business at all times and have the ability to use their financial data to make better decisions. Imagine your business running like clockwork, giving you the stability and freedom to focus on building a solid team and a great workplace culture.

As everything ramps up, we double down on processes

Let’s free up your capacity

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Tax returns, Payroll, VAT. We take the management off your hands, giving you back the time you need for revenue-generating activities. 
Know you’re keeping HMRC happy and you’re not over or underpaying tax. Feel organised knowing staff are paid on time every month.


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Accounting + Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is needed for tax compliance (such as reclaiming the correct amount of VAT on invoices). When done right it's your decision data source, giving you the information you need to grow your business.  Rather than being pushed to the bottom of the pile, be confident your bookkeeping is being handled professionally and consistently.


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Accounting + Bookkeeping + Management accounts

Management accounts give you clarity on how much you’re making, how much you're owed (or owe) and how much to put aside for taxes. 
 Stay focused on your business goals and targets by tracking your performance as you go. “What gets measured, gets managed”.


What does the bookkeeping service include?

Our bookkeeping service includes:

  • Checking, coding and publishing all purchase invoices/receipts uploaded to Dext.
  • Reconciliation of the bank accounts in the chosen bookkeeping software
  • Weekly report of missing purchase invoices to make sure things don’t get missed

What does the Management accounts service include?

Management accounts can be either quarterly or monthly (usually monthly).  Our management accounts service includes:

  • Reconciliation of all control accounts on the balance sheet (we want to ensure the balance sheet is ‘clean’ i.e. nothing unnecessary hanging around
  • Calculation of Corporation Tax/accruals/prepayments
  • Fathom report
  • Follow up zoom meeting to discuss figures