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Have enough stability in your freelance work to forget about the employment world

Has going freelance given you the freedom you hoped for?

Though every freelancer has their own story, most go into freelancing with a desire to have greater control over their working life. The responsibility is your biggest blessing and can be your biggest curse. As boss and employee, covering all bases in the business can tip the scale of work-life balance.

The biggest challenges in this phase

  • Doing everything yourself : marketing, sales, project management, deliverables, finances.

  • Finding time to improve processes, always feeling like you’re chasing your tail

  • Tracking projects and expenses and getting the taxes right

  • Pricing jobs to make a profit, not having to worry about running out of money

Become your own boss

Become your own best boss and delegate

The best bosses know what to do, but more importantly what not to do in order to grow, generate more income and run a slick freelance operation. Instead of spinning all the plates, be the boss of your time and offload the accounting.

Finance fundamentals for creative business owners

Finance fundamentals for creative business owners

Our services are designed with freelancers in mind

For both Sole Traders and Limited Companies

Our support starts at £85+VAT per month.

How we can help

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    Get training on what they need to enter into your software and get a workflow that works for you.

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    Have us take care of your accounting requirements, so you’re filing accurate tax returns.

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    Understand and track your finances. Learn how to improve prices and scale your operation.