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What got you here might not get you there

What is the long game? That’s the question most agency owners are asking themselves at this stage. You got here by moving fast and breaking things. That provided you with a good profit margin and a reliable team. But something needs to change for you to completely take yourself out of the business and see out your vision.

Your vision might be:

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Going on to sell the business at a huge gain, with a leadership team in place doing their best work

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Running a successful ‘lifestyle business’ - generating enough cash to live a very comfortable life

Common questions growing agencies have

  • How can I upskill the team to oversee sales and operations, without losing profit?

  • Instead of more clients, how can we reduce to bigger, higher fee-paying clients?

  • What profit margin do I need to feel safe, and how do I achieve consistency?

  • What KPIs do I need to be tracking across the business?

We work alongside you, giving you the financial updates you need to make decisions

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Accounting + Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is needed for tax compliance (such as reclaiming the correct amount of VAT on invoices). When done right it's your decision data source, giving you the information you need to grow your business.  Rather than being pushed to the bottom of the pile, be confident your bookkeeping is being handled professionally and consistently.


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Accounting + Bookkeeping + Management accounts

Management accounts give you clarity on how much you’re making, how much you're owed (or owe) and how much to put aside for taxes.  Track the performance of the business as you grow to help you focus on your goals/targets. “What gets measured gets managed”.


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Accounting + Bookkeeping + Management accounts and Forecasting

As the stakes get higher, forecasting makes sure you have enough financial resources to fund new projects and further expansion of the business.  Know what your cash runway looks like at all times. Be in control and in the know as you take on bigger clients with bigger budgets and longer payment terms.


What does the bookkeeping service include?

Our bookkeeping service includes:

  • Checking, coding and publishing all purchase invoices/receipts uploaded to Dext.
  • Reconciliation of the bank accounts in the chosen bookkeeping software
  • Weekly report of missing purchase invoices to make sure things don’t get missed

What does the Management accounts service include?

Management accounts can be either quarterly or monthly (usually monthly).  Our management accounts service includes:

  • Reconciliation of all control accounts on the balance sheet (we want to ensure the balance sheet is ‘clean’ i.e. nothing unnecessary hanging around
  • Calculation of Corporation Tax/accruals/prepayments
  • Fathom report
  • Follow up zoom meeting to discuss figures

What does the forecasting service include?

Our forecasting service includes:

  • Monthly zoom meeting (on back of management accounts meeting) to discuss any new committed revenue or spending since the last known position
  • 3 way forecast document (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash flow)


Advice to help you manage the demands of your growing agency