What it costs to work with Alchemy

Understand how we come to the number on your proposal

Our pricing is based on the size and complexity of your business

For example, if you're running a side hustle your requirements are likely to be far more simple than that of a growing agency. As your business grows, the more precious your time is and the greater your need for strategic support. You're likely to want to outsource the time consuming tasks and invest in reporting.

As your business grows in size and complexity, your accounting needs grow. We can bolt on additional services to better support the growth of your businesses, in which case our fees would increases accordingly.

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We don’t charge for things you don’t need.

One price for everyone isn’t fair. For example, if you’re not VAT registered you shouldn’t pay the same price as someone who is VAT registered. If you haven't got payroll you shouldn't pay the same as someone with staff. It’s as simple as that.

We don’t do discounts

And we encourage our clients not to sell themselves short either

Mates rates aren’t business friendly and discounts can be damaging. We support growing businesses and we encourage our community not to make cuts to their value. We practice what we preach.

Let’s say you run a creative agency offering design services at £100 per hour with a 20% profit margin. If you decide to extend a 10% discount to a client, your hourly rate drops to £90, while your costs remain constant.

This means your revenue per hour is now £90, resulting in a profit of £10. Though 10% is a seemingly small discount, it results in a 50% reduction in your profit margin, while your client gains a 10% cost advantage.

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We will always price fairly and transparently

We work with our clients on a fixed fee basis. Our fees are agreed in advance which means you never have to worry about a surprise bill.  We’ll always have a conversation with you upfront about your needs and provide a proposal based on what we’ve discussed.

No surprises.

Talk to us about your business needs

FAQs about payments

When are payments taken?

Your agreed fees are paid in monthly installments throughout the financial period, meaning no large one-offs.