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We are Alchemy.

We provide accounting support for passionate SMEs and freelancers in the creative industries. We make accounting as straightforward as possible so our clients can run predictable businesses and find freedom in their creative craft.

Our story

It should never be underestimated how daunting it is to start your own business. From the day I first dreamed about starting my business to actually finding the courage to go for it took four years. Leaving behind the steady and predictable income of employment to have my name over the door has been a deeply personal journey, and I know no two journeys are the same. After working with a photographer in the early days (and loving it) I discovered I felt most fulfilled helping creative people and most inspired when immersed in the creative world. Maybe it was the child in me that had never quite given up on becoming a musician. Now, with a like-minded team behind me, I’m proud to provide expertise to a sector I so admire.”

Craig McCall FCCA
Director of Alchemy
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We believe education is the most powerful tool for change. We don’t treat accountancy like a dark art or gatekeep knowledge. We spend time with our creative community helping them understand what they need to do practically to succeed. In the process, they educate us about their world. On the team, we commit to continuous improvement, knowing complacency is the enemy of progress.

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There’s a lot of BS in the world, and we don’t stand for it. We will never try to deceive our clients or sell them something we don’t think they need. There’s no facade at Alchemy. If we make a mistake for any reason, we hold our hands up to it, learn from it and move on. Authenticity doesn’t mean bearing your soul to everyone. It means being yourself at work and feeling able to share your ideas, thoughts and opinions in an open and collaborative space.

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If we only look at the world through our lens, we won’t be able to truly help our clients. In our view, there’s no accountancy support without empathy. We practice empathy by seeking to understand our clients goals, fears, thoughts and beliefs. We put ourselves in others' shoes and have respect for others' experiences. We expect the same in return, and no amount of money will make us overlook disrespect, superiority or arrogance. 

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